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KOTLIN Tutorial
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Hello World Example

Discover why Kotlin has become a popular programming language and its advantages.

Setting Up Your Development Environment

Choosing the Right IDE: IntelliJ IDEA

Learn about the significance of IntelliJ IDEA and why it’s the preferred IDE for Kotlin development.

Installing IntelliJ IDEA

Follow step-by-step instructions to install IntelliJ IDEA on your system.

Configuring Kotlin in IntelliJ

Explore the essential configurations required to set up Kotlin seamlessly in IntelliJ IDEA.

Your First Kotlin Program

Creating a New Kotlin Project

Learn how to initiate a new Kotlin project in IntelliJ IDEA.

Writing Your First Kotlin Program

Dive into the basics of Kotlin syntax and write a simple “Hello World” program.

Understanding the Code

Explore the key components of your first Kotlin program and understand how they work together.

Compiling and Running the Program

Get hands-on experience by compiling and running your Kotlin program within the IntelliJ IDEA environment.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Address potential challenges that beginners may encounter while writing and executing their first Kotlin program.