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What is ASP?

ASP stands for Active Server Pages, a technology developed by Microsoft that allows the creation of dynamic web pages and web applications. It’s a server-side scripting language used for building powerful and interactive websites.

The Basics of ASP

ASP uses server-side scripting to generate dynamic content, meaning the code executes on the server before the page is sent to the user’s browser. It primarily uses VBScript (Visual Basic Scripting Edition) or JScript (Microsoft’s version of JavaScript) for scripting.

How ASP Works

When a user requests an ASP page, the web server processes the code and generates HTML content dynamically. This enables the page to display different content based on various factors like user inputs, database queries, or system variables.

Features of ASP

  1. Dynamic Content: ASP allows for the creation of websites that display content tailored to individual users or based on specific conditions.
  2. Database Connectivity: It seamlessly connects to databases, enabling the retrieval and manipulation of data, making ASP ideal for creating data-driven websites.
  3. Ease of Integration: ASP integrates well with other Microsoft technologies, facilitating the development of robust web applications.
  4. Session Management: It supports session management, allowing the maintenance of user-specific data throughout their visit to a website.

Advantages of ASP

  • Robust Server-Side Scripting: ASP provides a powerful server-side scripting environment, enabling developers to create dynamic web pages efficiently.
  • Scalability: It scales well for both small and large applications, handling increased traffic and data seamlessly.
  • Rapid Development: Its integration with other Microsoft tools allows for quicker development and deployment of applications.
  • Community Support: Being a Microsoft technology, ASP benefits from a large community of developers and extensive documentation.


ASP evolved into ASP.NET, which offers more advanced features and improved performance. ASP.NET uses languages like C# or Visual Basic.NET and operates on the .NET framework