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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover how to set up your GoSmaart membership, find a trainer, and sign up for courses.

What is GoSmaart?

GoSmaart is the future of trainings. Our vision is to help students reach their full potential and replace traditional (often unpopular) training through innovative online teaching.

Who are GoSmaart lessons for?

The offer is suitable for pupils and students of all ages who either need help with learning or want to reach their full potential with our support.

Which subjects do your trainers cover?

We offer trainings in all onilne courses especially python,php,java script etc. We are expanding our courses offering for students as well for thier jobs. If you cannot see a course you would like, please contact us.

Why choose online training?

Travel time and costs are eliminated. With the recording function, the lesson can be recorded and played back at any time. Short-term bookings and changes of trainers are possible thanks to the variety of trainers.

How can I book a lesson?

Log into GoSmaart with your mobile number and click on "Trainer selection" in the menu on the left-hand side. The list of tutors will then appear. Select a tutor and any date/time.

How much does a single lesson cost?

The costs per unit range from £21.99 to £30.49 depending on membership. Our goal is to find the perfect model for everyone!

Want to become a trainer?

Begin Your Journey Today and Earn Certification in the Fundamentals of PHP, Python, CSS, and JavaScript

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